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77 Sascha Altman DuBrul - Mental Health Coach / Social Worker / Writer ( Choking Victim )

Episode Summary

This week’s guest drew from his own personal experiences to develop a new way of looking at mental wellbeing and the healing process. In this in-depth and insightful conversation, Sascha leads us through his childhood discovery of punk rock and his first experiences with the mental health system to the creation of the Icarus Project and his current work as a social worker and mental health coach and trainer. We also dive into the role that punk rock played in it all, and the lifeline it provided him. All in all, this episode is a masterclass from a true trailblazer. For Full Length Episodes And Merchandise Go To Follow: Killed By Desk Insta: @killedbydeskpodcast Twitter: @killedbydesk Facebook: LinkedIn:

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