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28 Nancy Barile- High School ELA Teacher (Philly & Boston Scenes)

Episode Summary

How does a punk rocker go from booking shows to teaching high school students? As we learned from Nancy Barile, the journey is a more natural one than we would have initially thought. In our conversation we dive into what isn’t in her great new memoir “I’m Not Holding Your Coat” - from her numerous awards as an educator, her sometimes unorthodox approach to the rules and how a vintage Minor Threat t-shirt can fund one hell of a school trip. Along the way, we learn that you can take the teacher out of the punk rock scene, but you can’t take the punk out of the teacher. For Full Length Episodes And Merchandise Go To Follow: Killed By Desk Insta: @killedbydeskpodcast Twitter: @killedbydesk Facebook: LinkedIn:

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