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22 Tea Krulos - Writer / Journalist (Milwaukee Punk Scene)

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From working at a pharmacy to bartending, Tea Krulos always showed a passion for discovering and sharing the stories of the people that he met along the way. From an early age, this was shared through zines, a blog and later in local newspapers and regional publications. A chance introduction to the world of real life superheroes pushed Tea to become a published author, leading to books about those superheroes as well as paranormal investigators, doomsday preppers and conspiracy theorists, each a fascinating look at these subcultures. In our conversation we discuss growing up in Wisconsin, how being part of the punk rock subculture helped Tea relate to his book subjects, and how its possible to make ends meet while traveling the country to meet people and research his projects. Get ready for a fascinating look at both the writing process and the funny (and sometimes dangerous) things that happen when you immerse yourself into Tea’s type of work. For Full Length Episodes And Merchandise Go To Follow: Killed By Desk Insta: @killedbydeskpodcast Twitter: @killedbydesk Facebook: LinkedIn:

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Tea Krulos

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