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17 Jon Fine - Magazine Editor / Journalist ( Bitch Magnet / Vineland / Coptic Light )

Episode Summary

Jon formed Bitch Magnet while in college at Oberlin, and continued to play nearly constantly through his twenties and thirties. But when a moment of “what the fuck am I doing” hit him when he was nearly 40 years old, he committed himself to finding gainful employment - turning his occasional freelance writing into a full-time job in the publishing world. As he rose up the ranks in the industry, he found work at AdAge, Businessweek and as the acting Editor in Chief of Inc. magazine. In our conversation we talk about growing up in the punk/hardcore scene, finding a “real” job, writing a memoir, winning a James Beard award and continuing to play and tour on a more part-time basis as your career takes off, Jon is candid, smart and hilarious about it all. Jon has the ability to clearly communicate the experience all of our guests share and why they’re at where they’re at now. If you only listen to one Killed By Desk episode, make it this one! For Full Length Episodes And Merchandise Go To Follow: Killed By Desk Insta: @killedbydeskpodcast Twitter: @killedbydesk Facebook: LinkedIn:

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