Killed by Desk

10 Sarah Crews,PhD - Research Scientist - Arachnologist (Bay Area Punk Scene)

Episode Summary

Sarah Crews became a scientist through a combination of chance and pure determination. While trying to find her direction in life, spilled wine on a borrowed book led to a career studying spiders around the world. Sarah tells us how she went from an upbringing in rural Kentucky to respected scientist in her field. Even if the job means sleeping on the ground in foreign countries, flipping random rocks and chasing specimens without the luxury of grant money to keep you afloat. Sounds pretty punk rock to us.

Episode Notes


Sarah Crews Publications

Flattie Spider Interview w Sarah

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The Snakes Crawl at Night - Charlie Pride

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Snakeless Wasteland

Chicken Island

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Assassin Bugs

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Polarized Light Detection in Spiders

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Cannibal Rats

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